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Extramural studies – easy to combine with work, family, sports

Prestigious places of internship

Successful graduates

An integrated approach to business and personality

Popular lecturers - practitioners

Guaranteed job opportunities for the best ones

College of Business Administration students and graduates

Pauls Timrots

Producer, TV program manager

Māris Bičevskis

Riga Dinamo hockey player

Oskars Ķibermanis

Latvian bobsleigh, pilot

Jēkabs Rēdlihs

Riga Dinamo hockey player

Kristiāns Rozenvalds

Public Relations specialist

Ģirts Timrots

Journalist, rally expert

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  • Advanced study programs
  • Personality and talent development courses, growth training
  • Business management practical workshops and business games
  • Help in creating and developing your business
  • New internship places
  • Guaranteed job opportunities for the best students
  • Master classes, seminars, meetings with business people – on-site and online

We are starting to introduce an integrated approach to education

for harmony
for quality of life and work
for intelligent vision of the world
for health and energy

Study forms

Distance learning

Distance learning is especially suitable for those living abroad who want to get higher education in Latvian.

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Extramural studies

Extramural studies are suitable for those who want to attend study days also on-site.

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Open College

The Open College is suitable for those who want to study only a few study courses.

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College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration was founded in 2003 so that, in order to keep up with the times, technological development and human occupation, in Latvia there would be offered a chance to study in the field of distance learning (e-studies), bringing together education with the priorities of your life, wherever you are in the world. This kind of extramural studies has become very popular and recognizable as e-studies or online studies.

The College of Business Administration is the only specialized distance learning college in Latvia, which professionally implements business education as e-studies or extramural studies. The College implemented study programs are licensed and accredited. You can study either in distance learning from anywhere in the world or in extramural studies – by attending on-site lectures, workshops and seminars several times a month.

The College of Business Administration organizes e-studies in several areas necessary for a successful business. These business studies are needed for existing or emerging entrepreneurs, as well as for those corporate employees who are entrusted with the responsibility for the professional implementation of given functions. The College of Business Administration offers 7 study programs in the form of distance and extramural education.