Learn from practicing lawyers
Know the laws and feel safe
Build a career in field of law

The Law studies are suitable for those:

  • who want to know the law well;
  • who want to build their career in field of law.

The study program “Law” provides students with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills. The graduates of the program receive both diploma of the first level higher professional education and the qualification of Legal Assistant. The students primarily learn Latvian legal regulations in different fields – Civil Law, Criminal Law, Administrative Law etc., but also EU Law, International Private and Public Law, EU Data Protection Law etc.

During the studies the students must do two internships at national or international companies. During the last semester the students must write the Qualification Paper.

The study program provides several courses in English: EU Data Protection Law, EU Law, International Public Law etc.

The study program is accredited till 30 September 2027.

The study plan

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