Language Policy of ERASMUS+

The language policy of the College of Business Administration (further – the CBA) is a part of strategy of the CBA, dedicated to increasing internationalization and knowledge exchange between the CBA and higher education institutions from different countries despite the language barriers, using the ERASMUS+ program.

In order to ensure internationalization, the CBA pays particular attention to development of study courses in English language as well as promotion of applied research in English and other foreign languages.

In order to ensure that language does not act as a barrier to knowledge exchange, the CBA provides language courses (English, German, Russian, Latvian) to both local and international students. English language courses are in the curriculum of all study programs during the first and second semester of studies, they are compulsory for all students.

The CBA requires the minimum language skills (English B2) for all mobility participants. All students, professors, and staff who are willing to participate in some mobility program should prove their language skills according to the agreement. The CBA provides additional English language courses for potential ERASMUS+ participants if necessary.

All incoming students are welcome to choose any of courses that are provided in English, with previous recognition of their language skills (English B2) by their sending institution. They are also welcome to choose any of courses which are in Latvian, in this case the students are required to prove their Latvian language knowledge (level B2) either by showing the recognized certificate or by passing the exam of Latvian language test at the CBA.

Following our Strategy, the CBA provides language support for domestic as well as for mobile students, professors, and staff. The CBA provides A1 level Latvian language course for incoming students and staff in order to make it easier for them to adapt in the local environment and participate in cultural exchange processes.

Request and Complaints

Each student of CBA has a right to make request and complaint. The same thing goes to international students, and especially in this case of incoming students through Erasmus+ program.

Students can download from this section a form for request and complaints and fulfill it (note: personal signature is a must). Students can either scan and send that document via email:, or they can come personally to fulfill that document at the International Cooperation Department.

That document is after that given to the International coordinator.
Request need to be solved in the period of 15 days and students will be informed about their request either by email or by phone. You can download form for requests here.